Welcome to┬áthe Loras College Neuroscience Program Blog. On this site you’ll find information about the program and updates related to courses and research in the neuroscience program.


The Neuroscience major at Loras College is designed to give students a broad, interdisciplinary education of the brain and nervous system while using a systems-level approach to train students in a myriad of research and clinically relevant fields. Relating the rich liberal arts tradition to a changing world, Loras College strives to develop active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors in their diverse professional, social, and religious roles.


Students engage in unique experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, including exploring neuroanatomy through dissections, interactions with community-based programs and conducting modern analytical techniques. Students enhance research skills through independent projects covering such topics as concussion symptoms, the effects of stress on time perception and the impact of social instability in mice. Check out the blog to see updates from neuroscience researchers at Loras College.

Community Engagement

The Neuroscience program along with the NeuroClub pursue a number of outreach and engagement opportunities throughout the year including our largest event, Brain Awareness Week.